BOWLAND Bowling Center

We offer

Party Bowling

Come and experience a completely new entertainment dimension. Special bowling party gets going every Friday from 20:00.

Live DJs, specialty lighting, large projection screens, thematic LED background lighting and our unique multimedia system shifts the experience of regular visits into completely unexpected sensation. Look forward to:

  • Special customer bonuses in the form of on-site printed winning tickets (for a certain number of points, strikes, bonuses for children, etc.); tickets may be collected at the bowling lane.
  • Optional bowling game’s background and narration (e.g. bowling score helps to build a castle, shoot arrows, win the world championship, etc.).
  • Direct Facebook inter-connection enables live communication between friends or lanes, sharing results, placing invitations to matches and the like.
  • And on top of that, 2 + 1 DRINK free!

Experience unique atmosphere of a night club with bowling ball in hand:

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